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ICU transliteration support for Rust

This crate provides a Rust implementation of the ICU transliteration APIs in utrans.h.


Sample code use is given below.

ICU includes a number of built-in transliterators, which can be listed with get_ids. Transliterators may be combined to form a sequence of text transformations by provding a compound identifier as shown below.

use rust_icu_sys as sys;
use rust_icu_utrans as utrans;

let compound_id = "NFC; Latin; Latin-ASCII";
let ascii_trans = utrans::UTransliterator::new(
    compound_id, None, sys::UTransDirection::UTRANS_FORWARD).unwrap();
assert_eq!(ascii_trans.transliterate("литература").unwrap(), "literatura");

It is also possible to define your own transliterators by providing a set of rules to new.

use rust_icu_sys as sys;
use rust_icu_utrans as utrans;

let id = "Coffee";
let rules = r"a > o; f > ff; \u00e9 > ee;";
let custom_trans = utrans::UTransliterator::new(
    id, Some(rules), sys::UTransDirection::UTRANS_FORWARD).unwrap();
assert_eq!(custom_trans.transliterate("caf\u{00e9}").unwrap(), "coffee");

See the ICU user guide and the C API documentation in the utrans.h header for details.



Rust wrapper for the ICU UTransliterator type.