[][src]Crate rust_admob_ssv

Rust AdMob SSV Validation

This crate provides verification a callback request (SSV) from AdMob. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

It only does the verification process using openssl.

It requires you to request the keys from the AdMob key server insert them into a Hashmap<u64, String> and hand it over to the verifciation function.

How to use

This library only has one function verify_ssv_callback. It takes two parameters:

query_string: String: The full query String including signature and key_id from the callback public_keys: Hashmap<u64, String>: A HashMap of all public keys received from the AdMob key server

It returns either Ok(bool) if the verification was successful/unsuccessful or not or Err(String) when encountering an error during the whole validation process.



Does the verification of a AdMob SSV callback