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RusPiRo Register

The crate provides the definitions to conviniently work with register field values that are typically presented by a set of bit fields. This crate will likely be used in other crates that specifies the actual registers and their structure using macros. Examples can be found at ruspiro-mmio-register and ruspiro-arch-aarch64



Definition of a field contained inside of a register. Each field is defined by a mask and the bit shift value when constructing the field definition the stored mask is already shifted by the shift value


Definition of a specific fieldvalue of a regiser. This structure allows to combine field values with bit operators like | and & to build the final value that should be written to a register



This trait is used to describe the register size/length as type specifier. The trait is only implemented for the internal types u8, u16, u32 and u64 to ensure safe register access sizes with compile time checking