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RusPiRo MMIO Register

This crate provides a macro to conveniently define memory mapped I/O registers.

    /// FOO Register with read/write access, 32 bit wide and mapped at memory
    /// address 0x3F20_0000
    FOO<ReadWrite<u32>@(0x3F20_0000)> {
        /// This register provides a field BAR at offset 0 covering 1 Bit
        BAR OFFSET(0),
        /// There is another field BAZ at offset 1 covering 3 Bits
        BAZ OFFSET(1) BITS(3),
        /// The third field BAL also has specific predefined values
        BAL OFFSET(4) BITS(2) [
            /// Field Value 1
            VAL1 = 0b01,
            /// Field Value 2
            VAL2 = 0b10
fn main() {
    // write a specific value to a field of the register
    FOO::Register.write_value( FOO::BAL::VAL1 );
    // combine two field values with logical OR
    FOO::Register.write_value( FOO::BAL::VAL1 | FOO::BAL::VAL2 );
    // if there is no field defined for the MMIO register or raw value storage
    // is preffered the raw value could be written
    FOO::Register.write(FOO::BAZ, 0b101);
    // reading from the MMIO register works in a simmilar way
    let baz_val =; // return 0b01 or 0b10 eg.
    let baz_field = FOO::Register.read_value(FOO::BAL); // returns a FieldValue
    let raw_val = FOO::Register.get();


Register definition macros


Macro to define a MMIO register with specific defined access mode.
The access mode could one of: ReadOnly, WriteOnly, ReadWrite.
The register size/width could be one of: u8, u16, u32, u64


This struct allows read only access to a register.

This struct allows read/write access to a register.

Definition of a field contained inside of a register. Each field is defined by a mask and the bit shift value when constructing the field definition the stored mask is already shifted by the shift value

Definition of a specific fieldvalue of a regiser. This structure allows to combine field values with bit operators like | and & to build the final value that should be written to a register

This struct allows write only access to a register.


This trait is used to describe the register size/length as type specifier. The trait is only implemented for the internal types u8, u16, u32 and u64 to ensure safe register access sizes with compile time checking