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The WorkMail Message Flow API provides access to email messages as they are being sent and received by a WorkMail organization.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for WorkmailMessageFlowClient and WorkmailMessageFlow.


Provides the MIME content of the updated email message as an S3 object. All MIME content must meet the following criteria:

  • Each part of a multipart MIME message must be formatted properly.

  • Attachments must be of a content type that Amazon SES supports. For more information, see Unsupported Attachment Types.

  • If any of the MIME parts in a message contain content that is outside of the 7-bit ASCII character range, we recommend encoding that content.

  • Per RFC 5321, the maximum length of each line of text, including the <CRLF>, must not exceed 1,000 characters.

  • The message must contain all the required header fields. Check the returned error message for more information.

  • The value of immutable headers must remain unchanged. Check the returned error message for more information.

  • Certain unique headers can only appear once. Check the returned error message for more information.

Amazon S3 object representing the updated message content, in MIME format.

The region for the S3 bucket containing the S3 object must match the region used for WorkMail operations. Also, for WorkMail to process an S3 object, it must have permission to access that object. For more information, see Updating message content with AWS Lambda.

A client for the Amazon WorkMail Message Flow API.


Errors returned by GetRawMessageContent

Errors returned by PutRawMessageContent


Trait representing the capabilities of the Amazon WorkMail Message Flow API. Amazon WorkMail Message Flow clients implement this trait.