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Provides translation between one source language and another of the same set of languages.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for TranslateClient and Translate.


The custom terminology applied to the input text by Amazon Translate for the translated text response. This is optional in the response and will only be present if you specified terminology input in the request. Currently, only one terminology can be applied per TranslateText request.

The encryption key used to encrypt this object.

The input configuration properties for requesting a batch translation job.

The number of documents successfully and unsuccessfully processed during a translation job.

The output configuration properties for a batch translation job.

Specifies the format and S3 location of the parallel data input file.

The location of the most recent parallel data input file that was successfully imported into Amazon Translate.

The properties of a parallel data resource.

The term being translated by the custom terminology.

The data associated with the custom terminology.

The location of the custom terminology data.

The properties of the custom terminology.

Provides information for filtering a list of translation jobs. For more information, see ListTextTranslationJobs.

Provides information about a translation job.

A client for the Amazon Translate API.


Errors returned by CreateParallelData

Errors returned by DeleteParallelData

Errors returned by DeleteTerminology

Errors returned by DescribeTextTranslationJob

Errors returned by GetParallelData

Errors returned by GetTerminology

Errors returned by ImportTerminology

Errors returned by ListParallelData

Errors returned by ListTerminologies

Errors returned by ListTextTranslationJobs

Errors returned by StartTextTranslationJob

Errors returned by StopTextTranslationJob

Errors returned by TranslateText

Errors returned by UpdateParallelData


Trait representing the capabilities of the Amazon Translate API. Amazon Translate clients implement this trait.