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Amazon Simple Notification Service

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a web service that enables you to build distributed web-enabled applications. Applications can use Amazon SNS to easily push real-time notification messages to interested subscribers over multiple delivery protocols. For more information about this product see the Amazon SNS product page. For detailed information about Amazon SNS features and their associated API calls, see the Amazon SNS Developer Guide.

For information on the permissions you need to use this API, see Identity and access management in Amazon SNS in the Amazon SNS Developer Guide.

We also provide SDKs that enable you to access Amazon SNS from your preferred programming language. The SDKs contain functionality that automatically takes care of tasks such as: cryptographically signing your service requests, retrying requests, and handling error responses. For a list of available SDKs, go to Tools for Amazon Web Services.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for SnsClient and Sns.


The input for the CheckIfPhoneNumberIsOptedOut action.

The response from the CheckIfPhoneNumberIsOptedOut action.

Input for ConfirmSubscription action.

Response for ConfirmSubscriptions action.

Response from CreateEndpoint action.

Input for CreatePlatformApplication action.

Response from CreatePlatformApplication action.

Input for CreatePlatformEndpoint action.

Input for CreateTopic action.

Response from CreateTopic action.

Input for DeleteEndpoint action.

Input for DeletePlatformApplication action.

Input for GetEndpointAttributes action.

Response from GetEndpointAttributes of the EndpointArn.

Input for GetPlatformApplicationAttributes action.

Response for GetPlatformApplicationAttributes action.

The input for the GetSMSAttributes request.

The response from the GetSMSAttributes request.

Input for GetSubscriptionAttributes.

Response for GetSubscriptionAttributes action.

Input for GetTopicAttributes action.

Response for GetTopicAttributes action.

Input for ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication action.

Response for ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication action.

The input for the ListPhoneNumbersOptedOut action.

The response from the ListPhoneNumbersOptedOut action.

Input for ListPlatformApplications action.

Response for ListPlatformApplications action.

Input for ListSubscriptionsByTopic action.

Response for ListSubscriptionsByTopic action.

Input for ListSubscriptions action.

Response for ListSubscriptions action

Response for ListTopics action.

The user-specified message attribute value. For string data types, the value attribute has the same restrictions on the content as the message body. For more information, see Publish.

Name, type, and value must not be empty or null. In addition, the message body should not be empty or null. All parts of the message attribute, including name, type, and value, are included in the message size restriction, which is currently 256 KB (262,144 bytes). For more information, see Amazon SNS message attributes and Publishing to a mobile phone in the Amazon SNS Developer Guide.

Input for the OptInPhoneNumber action.

The response for the OptInPhoneNumber action.

A list of phone numbers and their metadata.

Platform application object.

Input for Publish action.

Response for Publish action.

Input for RemovePermission action.

A verified or pending destination phone number in the SMS sandbox.

When you start using Amazon SNS to send SMS messages, your AWS account is in the SMS sandbox. The SMS sandbox provides a safe environment for you to try Amazon SNS features without risking your reputation as an SMS sender. While your account is in the SMS sandbox, you can use all of the features of Amazon SNS. However, you can send SMS messages only to verified destination phone numbers. For more information, including how to move out of the sandbox to send messages without restrictions, see SMS sandbox in the Amazon SNS Developer Guide.

Input for SetEndpointAttributes action.

Input for SetPlatformApplicationAttributes action.

The input for the SetSMSAttributes action.

The response for the SetSMSAttributes action.

Input for SetSubscriptionAttributes action.

Input for SetTopicAttributes action.

A client for the Amazon SNS API.

Input for Subscribe action.

Response for Subscribe action.

A wrapper type for the attributes of an Amazon SNS subscription.

The list of tags to be added to the specified topic.

A wrapper type for the topic's Amazon Resource Name (ARN). To retrieve a topic's attributes, use GetTopicAttributes.

Input for Unsubscribe action.

The destination phone number's verification status.


Errors returned by AddPermission

Errors returned by CheckIfPhoneNumberIsOptedOut

Errors returned by ConfirmSubscription

Errors returned by CreatePlatformApplication

Errors returned by CreatePlatformEndpoint

Errors returned by CreateSMSSandboxPhoneNumber

Errors returned by CreateTopic

Errors returned by DeleteEndpoint

Errors returned by DeletePlatformApplication

Errors returned by DeleteSMSSandboxPhoneNumber

Errors returned by DeleteTopic

Errors returned by GetEndpointAttributes

Errors returned by GetPlatformApplicationAttributes

Errors returned by GetSMSAttributes

Errors returned by GetSMSSandboxAccountStatus

Errors returned by GetSubscriptionAttributes

Errors returned by GetTopicAttributes

Errors returned by ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication

Errors returned by ListOriginationNumbers

Errors returned by ListPhoneNumbersOptedOut

Errors returned by ListPlatformApplications

Errors returned by ListSMSSandboxPhoneNumbers

Errors returned by ListSubscriptionsByTopic

Errors returned by ListSubscriptions

Errors returned by ListTagsForResource

Errors returned by ListTopics

Errors returned by OptInPhoneNumber

Errors returned by Publish

Errors returned by RemovePermission

Errors returned by SetEndpointAttributes

Errors returned by SetPlatformApplicationAttributes

Errors returned by SetSMSAttributes

Errors returned by SetSubscriptionAttributes

Errors returned by SetTopicAttributes

Errors returned by Subscribe

Errors returned by TagResource

Errors returned by Unsubscribe

Errors returned by UntagResource

Errors returned by VerifySMSSandboxPhoneNumber


Trait representing the capabilities of the Amazon SNS API. Amazon SNS clients implement this trait.