[][src]Struct rusoto_pricing::PricingClient

pub struct PricingClient { /* fields omitted */ }

A client for the AWS Pricing API.


impl PricingClient[src]

pub fn new(region: Region) -> PricingClient[src]

Creates a client backed by the default tokio event loop.

The client will use the default credentials provider and tls client.

pub fn new_with<P, D>(
    request_dispatcher: D,
    credentials_provider: P,
    region: Region
) -> PricingClient where
    P: ProvideAwsCredentials + Send + Sync + 'static,
    P::Future: Send,
    D: DispatchSignedRequest + Send + Sync + 'static,
    D::Future: Send

pub fn new_with_client(client: Client, region: Region) -> PricingClient[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Pricing for PricingClient[src]

fn describe_services(
    input: DescribeServicesRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DescribeServicesResponse, DescribeServicesError>

Returns the metadata for one service or a list of the metadata for all services. Use this without a service code to get the service codes for all services. Use it with a service code, such as AmazonEC2, to get information specific to that service, such as the attribute names available for that service. For example, some of the attribute names available for EC2 are volumeType, maxIopsVolume, operation, locationType, and instanceCapacity10xlarge.

fn get_attribute_values(
    input: GetAttributeValuesRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<GetAttributeValuesResponse, GetAttributeValuesError>

Returns a list of attribute values. Attibutes are similar to the details in a Price List API offer file. For a list of available attributes, see Offer File Definitions in the AWS Billing and Cost Management User Guide.

fn get_products(
    input: GetProductsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<GetProductsResponse, GetProductsError>

Returns a list of all products that match the filter criteria.

impl Clone for PricingClient[src]

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