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Amazon Mechanical Turk API Reference

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for MechanicalTurkClient and MechanicalTurk.


The Assignment data structure represents a single assignment of a HIT to a Worker. The assignment tracks the Worker's efforts to complete the HIT, and contains the results for later retrieval.

An object representing a Bonus payment paid to a Worker.

The HIT data structure represents a single HIT, including all the information necessary for a Worker to accept and complete the HIT.

The HITLayoutParameter data structure defines parameter values used with a HITLayout. A HITLayout is a reusable Amazon Mechanical Turk project template used to provide Human Intelligence Task (HIT) question data for CreateHIT.

The Locale data structure represents a geographical region or location.

A client for the Amazon MTurk API.

The NotificationSpecification data structure describes a HIT event notification for a HIT type.

When MTurk encounters an issue with notifying the Workers you specified, it returns back this object with failure details.

This data structure is the data type for the AnswerKey parameter of the ScoreMyKnownAnswers/2011-09-01 Review Policy.

Name of the parameter from the Review policy.

The Qualification data structure represents a Qualification assigned to a user, including the Qualification type and the value (score).

The QualificationRequest data structure represents a request a Worker has made for a Qualification.

The QualificationRequirement data structure describes a Qualification that a Worker must have before the Worker is allowed to accept a HIT. A requirement may optionally state that a Worker must have the Qualification in order to preview the HIT, or see the HIT in search results.

The QualificationType data structure represents a Qualification type, a description of a property of a Worker that must match the requirements of a HIT for the Worker to be able to accept the HIT. The type also describes how a Worker can obtain a Qualification of that type, such as through a Qualification test.

Both the AssignmentReviewReport and the HITReviewReport elements contains the ReviewActionDetail data structure. This structure is returned multiple times for each action specified in the Review Policy.

HIT Review Policy data structures represent HIT review policies, which you specify when you create a HIT.

Contains both ReviewResult and ReviewAction elements for a particular HIT.

This data structure is returned multiple times for each result specified in the Review Policy.

The WorkerBlock data structure represents a Worker who has been blocked. It has two elements: the WorkerId and the Reason for the block.


Errors returned by AcceptQualificationRequest

Errors returned by ApproveAssignment

Errors returned by AssociateQualificationWithWorker

Errors returned by CreateAdditionalAssignmentsForHIT

Errors returned by CreateHIT

Errors returned by CreateHITType

Errors returned by CreateHITWithHITType

Errors returned by CreateQualificationType

Errors returned by CreateWorkerBlock

Errors returned by DeleteHIT

Errors returned by DeleteQualificationType

Errors returned by DeleteWorkerBlock

Errors returned by DisassociateQualificationFromWorker

Errors returned by GetAccountBalance

Errors returned by GetAssignment

Errors returned by GetFileUploadURL

Errors returned by GetHIT

Errors returned by GetQualificationScore

Errors returned by GetQualificationType

Errors returned by ListAssignmentsForHIT

Errors returned by ListBonusPayments

Errors returned by ListHITs

Errors returned by ListHITsForQualificationType

Errors returned by ListQualificationRequests

Errors returned by ListQualificationTypes

Errors returned by ListReviewPolicyResultsForHIT

Errors returned by ListReviewableHITs

Errors returned by ListWorkerBlocks

Errors returned by ListWorkersWithQualificationType

Errors returned by NotifyWorkers

Errors returned by RejectAssignment

Errors returned by RejectQualificationRequest

Errors returned by SendBonus

Errors returned by SendTestEventNotification

Errors returned by UpdateExpirationForHIT

Errors returned by UpdateHITReviewStatus

Errors returned by UpdateHITTypeOfHIT

Errors returned by UpdateNotificationSettings

Errors returned by UpdateQualificationType


Trait representing the capabilities of the Amazon MTurk API. Amazon MTurk clients implement this trait.