[][src]Struct rusoto_mturk::NotificationSpecification

pub struct NotificationSpecification {
    pub destination: String,
    pub event_types: Vec<String>,
    pub transport: String,
    pub version: String,

The NotificationSpecification data structure describes a HIT event notification for a HIT type.


destination: String

The target for notification messages. The Destination’s format is determined by the specified Transport:

  • When Transport is Email, the Destination is your email address.

  • When Transport is SQS, the Destination is your queue URL.

  • When Transport is SNS, the Destination is the ARN of your topic.

event_types: Vec<String>

The list of events that should cause notifications to be sent. Valid Values: AssignmentAccepted | AssignmentAbandoned | AssignmentReturned | AssignmentSubmitted | AssignmentRejected | AssignmentApproved | HITCreated | HITExtended | HITDisposed | HITReviewable | HITExpired | Ping. The Ping event is only valid for the SendTestEventNotification operation.

transport: String

The method Amazon Mechanical Turk uses to send the notification. Valid Values: Email | SQS | SNS.

version: String

The version of the Notification API to use. Valid value is 2006-05-05.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for NotificationSpecification[src]

impl Default for NotificationSpecification[src]

impl PartialEq<NotificationSpecification> for NotificationSpecification[src]

impl Debug for NotificationSpecification[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for NotificationSpecification[src]

impl Serialize for NotificationSpecification[src]

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