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The AWS Migration Hub home region APIs are available specifically for working with your Migration Hub home region. You can use these APIs to determine a home region, as well as to create and work with controls that describe the home region.

  • You must make API calls for write actions (create, notify, associate, disassociate, import, or put) while in your home region, or a HomeRegionNotSetException error is returned.

  • API calls for read actions (list, describe, stop, and delete) are permitted outside of your home region.

  • If you call a write API outside the home region, an InvalidInputException is returned.

  • You can call GetHomeRegion action to obtain the account's Migration Hub home region.

For specific API usage, see the sections that follow in this AWS Migration Hub Home Region API reference.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for MigrationHubConfigClient and MigrationHubConfig.


A home region control is an object that specifies the home region for an account, with some additional information. It contains a target (always of type ACCOUNT), an ID, and a time at which the home region was set.

A client for the AWS Migration Hub Config API.

The target parameter specifies the identifier to which the home region is applied, which is always an ACCOUNT. It applies the home region to the current ACCOUNT.


Errors returned by CreateHomeRegionControl

Errors returned by DescribeHomeRegionControls

Errors returned by GetHomeRegion


Trait representing the capabilities of the AWS Migration Hub Config API. AWS Migration Hub Config clients implement this trait.