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The AWS Migration Hub API methods help to obtain server and application migration status and integrate your resource-specific migration tool by providing a programmatic interface to Migration Hub.

Remember that you must set your AWS Migration Hub home region before you call any of these APIs, or a HomeRegionNotSetException error will be returned. Also, you must make the API calls while in your home region.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for MigrationHubClient and MigrationHub.


The state of an application discovered through Migration Hub import, the AWS Agentless Discovery Connector, or the AWS Application Discovery Agent.

An ARN of the AWS cloud resource target receiving the migration (e.g., AMI, EC2 instance, RDS instance, etc.).

Object representing the on-premises resource being migrated.

A client for the AWS Migration Hub API.

Represents a migration task in a migration tool.

MigrationTaskSummary includes MigrationTaskName, ProgressPercent, ProgressUpdateStream, Status, and UpdateDateTime for each task.

Summary of the AWS resource used for access control that is implicitly linked to your AWS account.

Attribute associated with a resource.

Note the corresponding format required per type listed below:



where x is an integer in the range [0,255]


y : y : y : y : y : y : y : y

where y is a hexadecimal between 0 and FFFF. [0, FFFF]





Task object encapsulating task information.


Errors returned by AssociateCreatedArtifact

Errors returned by AssociateDiscoveredResource

Errors returned by CreateProgressUpdateStream

Errors returned by DeleteProgressUpdateStream

Errors returned by DescribeApplicationState

Errors returned by DescribeMigrationTask

Errors returned by DisassociateCreatedArtifact

Errors returned by DisassociateDiscoveredResource

Errors returned by ImportMigrationTask

Errors returned by ListApplicationStates

Errors returned by ListCreatedArtifacts

Errors returned by ListDiscoveredResources

Errors returned by ListMigrationTasks

Errors returned by ListProgressUpdateStreams

Errors returned by NotifyApplicationState

Errors returned by NotifyMigrationTaskState

Errors returned by PutResourceAttributes


Trait representing the capabilities of the AWS Migration Hub API. AWS Migration Hub clients implement this trait.