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An AWS Elemental MediaStore container is a namespace that holds folders and objects. You use a container endpoint to create, read, and delete objects.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for MediaStoreClient and MediaStore.


This section describes operations that you can perform on an AWS Elemental MediaStore container.

A rule for a CORS policy. You can add up to 100 rules to a CORS policy. If more than one rule applies, the service uses the first applicable rule listed.

A client for the MediaStore API.

The metric policy that is associated with the container. A metric policy allows AWS Elemental MediaStore to send metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. In the policy, you must indicate whether you want MediaStore to send container-level metrics. You can also include rules to define groups of objects that you want MediaStore to send object-level metrics for.

To view examples of how to construct a metric policy for your use case, see Example Metric Policies.

A setting that enables metrics at the object level. Each rule contains an object group and an object group name. If the policy includes the MetricPolicyRules parameter, you must include at least one rule. Each metric policy can include up to five rules by default. You can also request a quota increase to allow up to 300 rules per policy.

A collection of tags associated with a container. Each tag consists of a key:value pair, which can be anything you define. Typically, the tag key represents a category (such as "environment") and the tag value represents a specific value within that category (such as "test," "development," or "production"). You can add up to 50 tags to each container. For more information about tagging, including naming and usage conventions, see Tagging Resources in MediaStore.


Errors returned by CreateContainer

Errors returned by DeleteContainer

Errors returned by DeleteContainerPolicy

Errors returned by DeleteCorsPolicy

Errors returned by DeleteLifecyclePolicy

Errors returned by DeleteMetricPolicy

Errors returned by DescribeContainer

Errors returned by GetContainerPolicy

Errors returned by GetCorsPolicy

Errors returned by GetLifecyclePolicy

Errors returned by GetMetricPolicy

Errors returned by ListContainers

Errors returned by ListTagsForResource

Errors returned by PutContainerPolicy

Errors returned by PutCorsPolicy

Errors returned by PutLifecyclePolicy

Errors returned by PutMetricPolicy

Errors returned by StartAccessLogging

Errors returned by StopAccessLogging

Errors returned by TagResource

Errors returned by UntagResource


Trait representing the capabilities of the MediaStore API. MediaStore clients implement this trait.