[][src]Struct rusoto_iot::DescribeScheduledAuditResponse

pub struct DescribeScheduledAuditResponse {
    pub day_of_month: Option<String>,
    pub day_of_week: Option<String>,
    pub frequency: Option<String>,
    pub scheduled_audit_arn: Option<String>,
    pub scheduled_audit_name: Option<String>,
    pub target_check_names: Option<Vec<String>>,


day_of_month: Option<String>

The day of the month on which the scheduled audit takes place. Will be "1" through "31" or "LAST". If days 29-31 are specified, and the month does not have that many days, the audit takes place on the "LAST" day of the month.

day_of_week: Option<String>

The day of the week on which the scheduled audit takes place. One of "SUN", "MON", "TUE", "WED", "THU", "FRI" or "SAT".

frequency: Option<String>

How often the scheduled audit takes place. One of "DAILY", "WEEKLY", "BIWEEKLY" or "MONTHLY". The actual start time of each audit is determined by the system.

scheduled_audit_arn: Option<String>

The ARN of the scheduled audit.

scheduled_audit_name: Option<String>

The name of the scheduled audit.

target_check_names: Option<Vec<String>>

Which checks are performed during the scheduled audit. (Note that checks must be enabled for your account. (Use DescribeAccountAuditConfiguration to see the list of all checks including those that are enabled or UpdateAccountAuditConfiguration to select which checks are enabled.)

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<DescribeScheduledAuditResponse> for DescribeScheduledAuditResponse[src]

impl Clone for DescribeScheduledAuditResponse[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Default for DescribeScheduledAuditResponse[src]

impl Debug for DescribeScheduledAuditResponse[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for DescribeScheduledAuditResponse[src]

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