Struct rusoto_gamelift::UpdateFleetAttributesInput [] [src]

pub struct UpdateFleetAttributesInput {
    pub description: Option<String>,
    pub fleet_id: String,
    pub metric_groups: Option<Vec<String>>,
    pub name: Option<String>,
    pub new_game_session_protection_policy: Option<String>,
    pub resource_creation_limit_policy: Option<ResourceCreationLimitPolicy>,

Represents the input for a request action.


Human-readable description of a fleet.

Unique identifier for a fleet to update attribute metadata for.

Names of metric groups to include this fleet in. Amazon CloudWatch uses a fleet metric group is to aggregate metrics from multiple fleets. Use an existing metric group name to add this fleet to the group. Or use a new name to create a new metric group. A fleet can only be included in one metric group at a time.

Descriptive label that is associated with a fleet. Fleet names do not need to be unique.

Game session protection policy to apply to all new instances created in this fleet. Instances that already exist are not affected. You can set protection for individual instances using UpdateGameSession.

  • NoProtection – The game session can be terminated during a scale-down event.

  • FullProtection – If the game session is in an ACTIVE status, it cannot be terminated during a scale-down event.

Policy that limits the number of game sessions an individual player can create over a span of time.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for UpdateFleetAttributesInput


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impl Debug for UpdateFleetAttributesInput


Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Clone for UpdateFleetAttributesInput


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