Struct rusoto_gamelift::PlayerLatencyPolicy [] [src]

pub struct PlayerLatencyPolicy {
    pub maximum_individual_player_latency_milliseconds: Option<i64>,
    pub policy_duration_seconds: Option<i64>,

Queue setting that determines the highest latency allowed for individual players when placing a game session. When a latency policy is in force, a game session cannot be placed at any destination in a region where a player is reporting latency higher than the cap. Latency policies are only enforced when the placement request contains player latency information.

Queue-related operations include:


The maximum latency value that is allowed for any player, in milliseconds. All policies must have a value set for this property.

The length of time, in seconds, that the policy is enforced while placing a new game session. A null value for this property means that the policy is enforced until the queue times out.

Trait Implementations

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impl Debug for PlayerLatencyPolicy


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