Struct rusoto_gamelift::PlayerLatency [] [src]

pub struct PlayerLatency {
    pub latency_in_milliseconds: Option<f32>,
    pub player_id: Option<String>,
    pub region_identifier: Option<String>,

Regional latency information for a player, used when requesting a new game session with StartGameSessionPlacement. This value indicates the amount of time lag that exists when the player is connected to a fleet in the specified region. The relative difference between a player's latency values for multiple regions are used to determine which fleets are best suited to place a new game session for the player.


Amount of time that represents the time lag experienced by the player when connected to the specified region.

Unique identifier for a player associated with the latency data.

Name of the region that is associated with the latency value.

Trait Implementations

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impl Debug for PlayerLatency


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