Struct rusoto_gamelift::IpPermission [] [src]

pub struct IpPermission {
    pub from_port: i64,
    pub ip_range: String,
    pub protocol: String,
    pub to_port: i64,

A range of IP addresses and port settings that allow inbound traffic to connect to server processes on Amazon GameLift. Each game session hosted on a fleet is assigned a unique combination of IP address and port number, which must fall into the fleet's allowed ranges. This combination is included in the GameSession object.


Starting value for a range of allowed port numbers.

Range of allowed IP addresses. This value must be expressed in CIDR notation. Example: "[subnet mask]" or optionally the shortened version "[subnet mask]".

Network communication protocol used by the fleet.

Ending value for a range of allowed port numbers. Port numbers are end-inclusive. This value must be higher than FromPort.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for IpPermission


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impl Debug for IpPermission


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impl Clone for IpPermission


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