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Elastic Load Balancing

A load balancer can distribute incoming traffic across your EC2 instances. This enables you to increase the availability of your application. The load balancer also monitors the health of its registered instances and ensures that it routes traffic only to healthy instances. You configure your load balancer to accept incoming traffic by specifying one or more listeners, which are configured with a protocol and port number for connections from clients to the load balancer and a protocol and port number for connections from the load balancer to the instances.

Elastic Load Balancing supports three types of load balancers: Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, and Classic Load Balancers. You can select a load balancer based on your application needs. For more information, see the Elastic Load Balancing User Guide.

This reference covers the 2012-06-01 API, which supports Classic Load Balancers. The 2015-12-01 API supports Application Load Balancers and Network Load Balancers.

To get started, create a load balancer with one or more listeners using CreateLoadBalancer. Register your instances with the load balancer using RegisterInstancesWithLoadBalancer.

All Elastic Load Balancing operations are idempotent, which means that they complete at most one time. If you repeat an operation, it succeeds with a 200 OK response code.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for ElbClient and Elb.


Information about the AccessLog attribute.

Contains the parameters for EnableAvailabilityZonesForLoadBalancer.

Contains the output of EnableAvailabilityZonesForLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for AddTags.

Contains the output of AddTags.

Information about additional load balancer attributes.

Information about a policy for application-controlled session stickiness.

Contains the parameters for ApplySecurityGroupsToLoadBalancer.

Contains the output of ApplySecurityGroupsToLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for AttachLoaBalancerToSubnets.

Contains the output of AttachLoadBalancerToSubnets.

Information about the configuration of an EC2 instance.

Contains the parameters for ConfigureHealthCheck.

Contains the output of ConfigureHealthCheck.

Information about the ConnectionDraining attribute.

Information about the ConnectionSettings attribute.

Contains the parameters for CreateLoadBalancer.

Contains the output for CreateLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for CreateAppCookieStickinessPolicy.

Contains the output for CreateAppCookieStickinessPolicy.

Contains the parameters for CreateLBCookieStickinessPolicy.

Contains the output for CreateLBCookieStickinessPolicy.

Contains the parameters for CreateLoadBalancerListeners.

Contains the parameters for CreateLoadBalancerListener.

Contains the parameters for CreateLoadBalancerPolicy.

Contains the output of CreateLoadBalancerPolicy.

Information about the CrossZoneLoadBalancing attribute.

Contains the parameters for DeleteLoadBalancer.

Contains the output of DeleteLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for DeleteLoadBalancerListeners.

Contains the output of DeleteLoadBalancerListeners.

Contains the parameters for DeleteLoadBalancerPolicy.

Contains the output of DeleteLoadBalancerPolicy.

Contains the parameters for DeregisterInstancesFromLoadBalancer.

Contains the output of DeregisterInstancesFromLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for DescribeLoadBalancers.

Contains the parameters for DescribeLoadBalancers.

Contains the parameters for DescribeInstanceHealth.

Contains the output for DescribeInstanceHealth.

Contains the parameters for DescribeLoadBalancerAttributes.

Contains the output of DescribeLoadBalancerAttributes.

Contains the parameters for DescribeLoadBalancerPolicies.

Contains the output of DescribeLoadBalancerPolicies.

Contains the parameters for DescribeLoadBalancerPolicyTypes.

Contains the output of DescribeLoadBalancerPolicyTypes.

Contains the parameters for DescribeTags.

Contains the output for DescribeTags.

Contains the parameters for DetachLoadBalancerFromSubnets.

Contains the output of DetachLoadBalancerFromSubnets.

A client for the Elastic Load Balancing API.

Information about a health check.

The ID of an EC2 instance.

Information about the state of an EC2 instance.

Information about a policy for duration-based session stickiness.

Information about an Elastic Load Balancing resource limit for your AWS account.

Information about a listener.

For information about the protocols and the ports supported by Elastic Load Balancing, see Listeners for Your Classic Load Balancer in the Classic Load Balancers Guide.

The policies enabled for a listener.

The attributes for a load balancer.

Information about a load balancer.

Contains the parameters for ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes.

Contains the output of ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes.

The policies for a load balancer.

Information about a policy attribute.

Information about a policy attribute.

Information about a policy attribute type.

Information about a policy.

Information about a policy type.

Contains the parameters for RegisterInstancesWithLoadBalancer.

Contains the output of RegisterInstancesWithLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for DisableAvailabilityZonesForLoadBalancer.

Contains the output for DisableAvailabilityZonesForLoadBalancer.

Contains the parameters for RemoveTags.

Contains the output of RemoveTags.

Contains the parameters for SetLoadBalancerListenerSSLCertificate.

Contains the output of SetLoadBalancerListenerSSLCertificate.

Contains the parameters for SetLoadBalancerPoliciesForBackendServer.

Contains the output of SetLoadBalancerPoliciesForBackendServer.

Contains the parameters for SetLoadBalancePoliciesOfListener.

Contains the output of SetLoadBalancePoliciesOfListener.

Information about a source security group.

Information about a tag.

The tags associated with a load balancer.

The key of a tag.


Errors returned by AddTags

Errors returned by ApplySecurityGroupsToLoadBalancer

Errors returned by AttachLoadBalancerToSubnets

Errors returned by ConfigureHealthCheck

Errors returned by CreateAppCookieStickinessPolicy

Errors returned by CreateLBCookieStickinessPolicy

Errors returned by CreateLoadBalancer

Errors returned by CreateLoadBalancerListeners

Errors returned by CreateLoadBalancerPolicy

Errors returned by DeleteLoadBalancer

Errors returned by DeleteLoadBalancerListeners

Errors returned by DeleteLoadBalancerPolicy

Errors returned by DeregisterInstancesFromLoadBalancer

Errors returned by DescribeAccountLimits

Errors returned by DescribeInstanceHealth

Errors returned by DescribeLoadBalancerAttributes

Errors returned by DescribeLoadBalancerPolicies

Errors returned by DescribeLoadBalancerPolicyTypes

Errors returned by DescribeLoadBalancers

Errors returned by DescribeTags

Errors returned by DetachLoadBalancerFromSubnets

Errors returned by DisableAvailabilityZonesForLoadBalancer

Errors returned by EnableAvailabilityZonesForLoadBalancer

Errors returned by ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes

Errors returned by RegisterInstancesWithLoadBalancer

Errors returned by RemoveTags

Errors returned by SetLoadBalancerListenerSSLCertificate

Errors returned by SetLoadBalancerPoliciesForBackendServer

Errors returned by SetLoadBalancerPoliciesOfListener


Trait representing the capabilities of the Elastic Load Balancing API. Elastic Load Balancing clients implement this trait.