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Amazon DocumentDB API documentation

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for DocdbClient and Docdb.


Information about an Availability Zone.

A certificate authority (CA) certificate for an account.

The configuration setting for the log types to be enabled for export to Amazon CloudWatch Logs for a specific instance or cluster.

The EnableLogTypes and DisableLogTypes arrays determine which logs are exported (or not exported) to CloudWatch Logs. The values within these arrays depend on the engine that is being used.

Represents the input to CreateDBCluster.

Detailed information about a cluster.

Contains information about an instance that is part of a cluster.

Represents the output of DescribeDBClusters.

Detailed information about a cluster parameter group.

Contains the name of a cluster parameter group.

Describes an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that is associated with a cluster.

Detailed information about a cluster snapshot.

Contains the name and values of a manual cluster snapshot attribute.

Manual cluster snapshot attributes are used to authorize other accounts to restore a manual cluster snapshot.

Detailed information about the attributes that are associated with a cluster snapshot.

Detailed information about an engine version.

Detailed information about an instance.

Represents the output of DescribeDBInstances.

Provides a list of status information for an instance.

Detailed information about a subnet group.

Represents the input to DeleteDBCluster.

Represents the input to DescribeEvents.

A client for the Amazon DocDB API.

Network information for accessing a cluster or instance. Client programs must specify a valid endpoint to access these Amazon DocumentDB resources.

Contains the result of a successful invocation of the DescribeEngineDefaultClusterParameters operation.

Detailed information about an event.

An event source type, accompanied by one or more event category names.

Detailed information about an event to which you have subscribed.

Represents the output of DescribeEvents.

A named set of filter values, used to return a more specific list of results. You can use a filter to match a set of resources by specific criteria, such as IDs.

Wildcards are not supported in filters.

A data type representing an Amazon DocumentDB global cluster.

A data structure with information about any primary and secondary clusters associated with an Amazon DocumentDB global clusters.

Represents the input to ModifyDBCluster.

The options that are available for an instance.

Detailed information about an individual parameter.

A list of the log types whose configuration is still pending. These log types are in the process of being activated or deactivated.

Provides information about a pending maintenance action for a resource.

One or more modified settings for an instance. These modified settings have been requested, but haven't been applied yet.

Detailed information about a subnet.

Metadata assigned to an Amazon DocumentDB resource consisting of a key-value pair.

Represents the output of ListTagsForResource.

The version of the database engine that an instance can be upgraded to.

Used as a response element for queries on virtual private cloud (VPC) security group membership.


Errors returned by AddSourceIdentifierToSubscription

Errors returned by AddTagsToResource

Errors returned by ApplyPendingMaintenanceAction

Errors returned by CopyDBClusterParameterGroup

Errors returned by CopyDBClusterSnapshot

Errors returned by CreateDBCluster

Errors returned by CreateDBClusterParameterGroup

Errors returned by CreateDBClusterSnapshot

Errors returned by CreateDBInstance

Errors returned by CreateDBSubnetGroup

Errors returned by CreateEventSubscription

Errors returned by CreateGlobalCluster

Errors returned by DeleteDBCluster

Errors returned by DeleteDBClusterParameterGroup

Errors returned by DeleteDBClusterSnapshot

Errors returned by DeleteDBInstance

Errors returned by DeleteDBSubnetGroup

Errors returned by DeleteEventSubscription

Errors returned by DeleteGlobalCluster

Errors returned by DescribeCertificates

Errors returned by DescribeDBClusterParameterGroups

Errors returned by DescribeDBClusterParameters

Errors returned by DescribeDBClusterSnapshotAttributes

Errors returned by DescribeDBClusterSnapshots

Errors returned by DescribeDBClusters

Errors returned by DescribeDBEngineVersions

Errors returned by DescribeDBInstances

Errors returned by DescribeDBSubnetGroups

Errors returned by DescribeEngineDefaultClusterParameters

Errors returned by DescribeEventCategories

Errors returned by DescribeEventSubscriptions

Errors returned by DescribeEvents

Errors returned by DescribeGlobalClusters

Errors returned by DescribeOrderableDBInstanceOptions

Errors returned by DescribePendingMaintenanceActions

Errors returned by FailoverDBCluster

Errors returned by ListTagsForResource

Errors returned by ModifyDBCluster

Errors returned by ModifyDBClusterParameterGroup

Errors returned by ModifyDBClusterSnapshotAttribute

Errors returned by ModifyDBInstance

Errors returned by ModifyDBSubnetGroup

Errors returned by ModifyEventSubscription

Errors returned by ModifyGlobalCluster

Errors returned by RebootDBInstance

Errors returned by RemoveFromGlobalCluster

Errors returned by RemoveSourceIdentifierFromSubscription

Errors returned by RemoveTagsFromResource

Errors returned by ResetDBClusterParameterGroup

Errors returned by RestoreDBClusterFromSnapshot

Errors returned by RestoreDBClusterToPointInTime

Errors returned by StartDBCluster

Errors returned by StopDBCluster


Trait representing the capabilities of the Amazon DocDB API. Amazon DocDB clients implement this trait.