[][src]Struct rusoto_cloudtrail::EventSelector

pub struct EventSelector {
    pub data_resources: Option<Vec<DataResource>>,
    pub include_management_events: Option<bool>,
    pub read_write_type: Option<String>,

Use event selectors to further specify the management and data event settings for your trail. By default, trails created without specific event selectors will be configured to log all read and write management events, and no data events. When an event occurs in your account, CloudTrail evaluates the event selector for all trails. For each trail, if the event matches any event selector, the trail processes and logs the event. If the event doesn't match any event selector, the trail doesn't log the event.

You can configure up to five event selectors for a trail.


data_resources: Option<Vec<DataResource>>

CloudTrail supports data event logging for Amazon S3 objects and AWS Lambda functions. You can specify up to 250 resources for an individual event selector, but the total number of data resources cannot exceed 250 across all event selectors in a trail. This limit does not apply if you configure resource logging for all data events.

For more information, see Data Events and Limits in AWS CloudTrail in the AWS CloudTrail User Guide.

include_management_events: Option<bool>

Specify if you want your event selector to include management events for your trail.

For more information, see Management Events in the AWS CloudTrail User Guide.

By default, the value is true.

read_write_type: Option<String>

Specify if you want your trail to log read-only events, write-only events, or all. For example, the EC2 GetConsoleOutput is a read-only API operation and RunInstances is a write-only API operation.

By default, the value is All.

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<EventSelector> for EventSelector[src]

impl Default for EventSelector[src]

impl Clone for EventSelector[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for EventSelector[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for EventSelector[src]

impl Serialize for EventSelector[src]

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