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For more information about AWS CloudHSM, see AWS CloudHSM and the AWS CloudHSM User Guide.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for CloudHsmv2Client and CloudHsmv2.


Contains information about a backup of an AWS CloudHSM cluster. All backup objects contain the BackupId, BackupState, ClusterId, and CreateTimestamp parameters. Backups that were copied into a destination region additionally contain the CopyTimestamp, SourceBackup, SourceCluster, and SourceRegion parameters. A backup that is pending deletion will include the DeleteTimestamp parameter.

A policy that defines the number of days to retain backups.

Contains one or more certificates or a certificate signing request (CSR).

A client for the CloudHSM V2 API.

Contains information about an AWS CloudHSM cluster.

Contains information about the backup that will be copied and created by the CopyBackupToRegion operation.

Contains information about a hardware security module (HSM) in an AWS CloudHSM cluster.

Contains a tag. A tag is a key-value pair.


Errors returned by CopyBackupToRegion

Errors returned by CreateCluster

Errors returned by CreateHsm

Errors returned by DeleteBackup

Errors returned by DeleteCluster

Errors returned by DeleteHsm

Errors returned by DescribeBackups

Errors returned by DescribeClusters

Errors returned by InitializeCluster

Errors returned by ListTags

Errors returned by ModifyBackupAttributes

Errors returned by ModifyCluster

Errors returned by RestoreBackup

Errors returned by TagResource

Errors returned by UntagResource


Trait representing the capabilities of the CloudHSM V2 API. CloudHSM V2 clients implement this trait.