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Cloud9 is a collection of tools that you can use to code, build, run, test, debug, and release software in the cloud.

For more information about Cloud9, see the Cloud9 User Guide.

Cloud9 supports these operations:

  • CreateEnvironmentEC2: Creates an Cloud9 development environment, launches an Amazon EC2 instance, and then connects from the instance to the environment.

  • CreateEnvironmentMembership: Adds an environment member to an environment.

  • DeleteEnvironment: Deletes an environment. If an Amazon EC2 instance is connected to the environment, also terminates the instance.

  • DeleteEnvironmentMembership: Deletes an environment member from an environment.

  • DescribeEnvironmentMemberships: Gets information about environment members for an environment.

  • DescribeEnvironments: Gets information about environments.

  • DescribeEnvironmentStatus: Gets status information for an environment.

  • ListEnvironments: Gets a list of environment identifiers.

  • ListTagsForResource: Gets the tags for an environment.

  • TagResource: Adds tags to an environment.

  • UntagResource: Removes tags from an environment.

  • UpdateEnvironment: Changes the settings of an existing environment.

  • UpdateEnvironmentMembership: Changes the settings of an existing environment member for an environment.

If you’re using the service, you’re probably looking for Cloud9Client and Cloud9.


A client for the AWS Cloud9 API.

Information about an Cloud9 development environment.

Information about the current creation or deletion lifecycle state of an Cloud9 development environment.

Information about an environment member for an Cloud9 development environment.

Metadata that is associated with Amazon Web Services resources. In particular, a name-value pair that can be associated with an Cloud9 development environment. There are two types of tags: user tags and system tags. A user tag is created by the user. A system tag is automatically created by Amazon Web Services services. A system tag is prefixed with "aws:" and cannot be modified by the user.


Errors returned by CreateEnvironmentEC2

Errors returned by CreateEnvironmentMembership

Errors returned by DeleteEnvironment

Errors returned by DeleteEnvironmentMembership

Errors returned by DescribeEnvironmentMemberships

Errors returned by DescribeEnvironmentStatus

Errors returned by DescribeEnvironments

Errors returned by ListEnvironments

Errors returned by ListTagsForResource

Errors returned by TagResource

Errors returned by UntagResource

Errors returned by UpdateEnvironment

Errors returned by UpdateEnvironmentMembership


Trait representing the capabilities of the AWS Cloud9 API. AWS Cloud9 clients implement this trait.