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Types and traits for working with the Matrix protocol.

This crate re-exports things from all of the other ruma crates so you don’t have to manually keep all the versions in sync.

Which crates are re-exported can be configured through cargo features.

⚠ Some details might be missing because rustdoc has trouble with re-exports so you may need to refer to other crates’ documentations.

🛈 For internal consistency, Ruma uses American spelling for variable names. Names may differ in the serialized representation, as the Matrix specification has a mix of British and American English.

§API features

Depending on which parts of Matrix are relevant to you, activate the following features:

  • appservice-api – Application Service API.
  • client-api – Client-Server API.
  • federation-api – Server-Server (Federation) API.
  • identity-service-api – Identity Service API.
  • push-gateway-api – Push Gateway API.

These features have client- and server-optimized variants that are enabled respectively with the -c and -s suffixes. For example:

  • client-api-c – The Client-Server API optimized for the client side.
  • client-api-s – The Client-Server API optimized for the server side.

§Compatibility feature

  • compat increases compatibility with other parts of the Matrix ecosystem, at the expense of deviating from the specification.

§Convenience features

These features are only useful if you want to use a method that requires it:

  • rand – Generate random identifiers.
  • markdown – Parse markdown to construct messages.
  • html – Parse HTML to sanitize it or navigate its tree.
    • html-matrix – Enables the matrix feature of ruma-html to parse HTML elements data to typed data as suggested by the Matrix Specification.

§Unstable features

By using these features, you opt out of all semver guarantees Ruma otherwise provides:

  • unstable-exhaustive-types – Most types in Ruma are marked as non-exhaustive to avoid breaking changes when new fields are added in the specification. This feature compiles all types as exhaustive.
  • unstable-mscXXXX, where XXXX is the MSC number – Upcoming Matrix features that may be subject to change or removal.
  • unstable-unspecified – Undocumented Matrix features that may be subject to change or removal.

§Common features

These submodules are usually activated by the API features when needed:

  • api
  • events
  • signatures

§ruma-client features

The client feature activates ruma::client, and client-ext-client-api activates ruma-clients client-api feature. All other client-* features activate the same feature without the client- prefix on ruma-client. See the crate’s documentation for the effect of these features.

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