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Rudano, Rust Data Notation, is a data serialization format designed to be as similar as possible to Rust’s own syntax.


Add this to your Cargo.toml (verifying the version number):

rudano = "0.1"

Then you can use to_string_pretty or to_string_compact for serialization and from_str for deserialization. There are examples in the function docs.


Utilities for deserializing data structures from Rudano.
Error structures for Rudano.
Utilities for serializing data structures into Rudano.


Information on data deserialization error.
Rudano’s deserializer. Its recommended that you use from_str instead.
Rudano’s serializer. Its recommended that you use to_string_compact or to_string_pretty instead.


All possible errors that may occur when Serializing Rudano.


Deserializes the given str as a value of type T.
Serializes array as sequence instead of serde’s derive default (tuple).
Serializes the given value as a String of compact Rudano.
Serializes the given value as a String of pretty-printed Rudano.

Type Definitions

Result of deserialization operation.
Result of serialization operation.