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RTRTR: a versatile tool for route filters.

This is the library crate of RTRTR providing all real functionality.

RTRTR is designed around a concept of components being plugged together in whichever way the user likes. There are currently two types of components: units that collect, process, and forward data, and targets that make the data from a select unit available to the outside. All types of units and targets are defined in the modules units and targets, respectively.

The means for communication between components are provided by types defined in comms, the data exchanged between them in payload. Everything is held together by a Manager defined in manager.

In addition, a number of modules provide auxiliary functionality, such as config and log.

If you are trying to get started with the source code, perhaps begin with comms and continue with units before reading manager. This should give you a somewhat gentle introduction into the overall architecture.


Communication between components.


Serialization formats for payload data.

The HTTP server.


Controlling the entire operation.

Maintaining and outputting metrics.

Collections of data being processed by RTRTR.

The targets for RPKI data.

Data processing units.