pub trait RtosTrace {
Show 14 methods fn task_new(id: u32); fn task_send_info(id: u32, info: TaskInfo); fn task_terminate(id: u32); fn task_exec_begin(id: u32); fn task_exec_end(); fn task_ready_begin(id: u32); fn task_ready_end(id: u32); fn system_idle(); fn isr_enter(); fn isr_exit(); fn isr_exit_to_scheduler(); fn marker(id: u32); fn marker_begin(id: u32); fn marker_end(id: u32);
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Collection of tracing functions which are called by the RTOS.

Required Methods

A new task with id was created.

The task with id has info attributes.

The task with id has been terminated.

The task with id will start to run on the CPU now.

Execution of the current task has ended.

The task with id is ready to run.

The task with id is being blocked/suspended.

The RTOS enters idle mode.

Enter an ISR.

Exit an ISR.

Exit an ISR to the scheduler.

Create a new marker with id.

Begin event of marker with id.

End event of marker with id.