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The RTLola Interpreter

The RTLola interpreter is designed to easily test your setup, including your specification. It can either read events from trace files in CSV or PCAP format or read events in an online fashion from std-in or a network device.

Note: The network functionality of the interpreter is only available when compiled with the pcap_interface feature flag.


Besides the command line interface, the main entrypoint of the application is the ConfigBuilder. It features multiple methods to configure the interpreter for your needs. From there you can either run the interpreter directly with a specified input source or create a Monitor. The main API interaction point of the application.


This module exposes basic functionality that is useful when dealing with the interpreter or the Api.

This module contains all configuration related structures.

The API of the RTLola interpreter. It is used to evaluate input events on a given specification and output the results. The main structure is the Monitor which is parameterized over its input and output method. The preferred method to create a Monitor is using the ConfigBuilder and the monitor method.

This module covers the Mid-Level Intermediate Representation (MIR) of an RTLola specification.

This module contains the different time representations of the interpreter.


The main entry point of the application. Use the various methods to construct a configuration either for running the interpreter directly or to use the Monitor API interface.

The Monitor is the central object exposed by the API.


The general type for holding all kinds of values.

Type Definitions

The internal time representation.