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Directives used to configure or ignore rules. These take place of comments over nodes or comments at the top level.

Directives can contain multiple commands separated by -. For example:

// rslint-ignore for-direction, no-await-in-loop - deny no-empty -- because why not
  |      |                                     |  |            |    |             |
  |      +-------------------------------------+  +------------+    +-------------+
  |                      command                     command            comment   |


A structure describing a command.

A Component represents a parsed Instruction, that also has a span, so you can find the Component at any span in the directive.

Any command that is given to the linter using an inline comment.

The result of a parsed directive.


All different directive commands.

Instructions are used to add directives to the parser.


A string that denotes that start of a directive (rslint-).


Apply file level directives to a store and add their respective diagnostics to the pool of diagnostics. for file level ignores this will clear all the rules from the store.

Get all of the possible command descriptors

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