Struct rshijack::args::Args[][src]

pub struct Args {
    pub interface: String,
    pub src: SocketAddr,
    pub dst: SocketAddr,
    pub seq: Option<u32>,
    pub ack: Option<u32>,
    pub reset: bool,
    pub send_null: bool,
    pub quiet: u8,

tcp connection hijacker, rust rewrite of shijack


interface: String

Interface we are going to hijack on

src: SocketAddr

Source of the connection

dst: SocketAddr

Destination of the connection

seq: Option<u32>

Initial seq number, if already known

ack: Option<u32>

Initial ack number, if already known

reset: bool

Reset the connection rather than hijacking it

send_null: bool

Desync original connection by sending 1kb of null bytes

quiet: u8

Disable verbose output

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Args[src]

impl StructOpt for Args[src]

impl StructOptInternal for Args[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Args

impl Send for Args

impl Sync for Args

impl Unpin for Args

impl UnwindSafe for Args

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