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Wrapper crate for the API.


Note: the API is highly asynchronous. If you're not familiar with those concepts, check out Asynchronous Programming in Rust.

First, create a Client. You'll need to provide the domain URL you'd like to use, without the final slash (most likely or its unsafe counterpart). You also have to provide a descriptive User-Agent for your project. The official API encourages you to include your E621 username so that you may be contacted if your project causes problems.

let client = Client::new("", "MyProject/1.0 (by username on e621)")?;

You can now use that client to make various operations, like a basic search, with Client::post_search. The function returns a Stream, which is like an asynchronous version of Iterator.

use futures::prelude::*;

let mut post_stream = client.post_search(&["fluffy", "order:score"][..]).take(20);

while let Some(post) = {
    println!("Post #{}", post?.id);

If you have a list of post IDs:

let mut post_stream = client.get_posts(&[8595, 535, 2105, 1470]);

while let Some(post) = {
    println!("Post #{}", post?.id);

Best effort should be made to make as few API requests as possible. rs621 helps by providing bulk-oriented methods that take care of this for you. For example, if you have 400 post IDs you'd like to fetch, a single call to Client::get_posts should be enough and WILL be faster. Do NOT call it repeatedly in a loop.

Notes from the official API:

User Agents

A non-empty User-Agent header is required for all requests. Please pick a descriptive User-Agent for your project. You are encouraged to include your e621 username so that you may be contacted if your project causes problems. DO NOT impersonate a browser user agent, as this will get you blocked. An example user-agent would be

MyProject/1.0 (by username on e621)

Due to frequent abuse, default user agents for programming languages and libraries are usually blocked. Please make sure that you are defining a user agent that is in line with our policy.


Thus, rs621 doesn't have a default user agent and you are required to specify your own.

Rate Limiting

E621/E926 have a hard rate limit of two requests per second. This is a hard upper limit and if you are hitting it, you are already going way too fast. Hitting the rate limit will result in a 503 HTTP response code. You should make a best effort not to make more than one request per second over a sustained period.

rs621 will enforce this limit with a short sleeping time after every API request being made.



Client related structures.


Error management.


Pool management.


Post management.