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A Little implementation of the random-wheel principle, RouletteWheel<T>.

Fitness proportionate selection


You can get this package on the page.


You can explicitly create a RouletteWheel<T> with new():

use roulette_wheel::RouletteWheel;

let rw: RouletteWheel<u8> = RouletteWheel::new();

You can push values onto the random-wheel (which will grow the wheel as needed):

Popping values works in much the same way:

use roulette_wheel::RouletteWheel;

let mut rw = RouletteWheel::new();

rw.push(5., 'a');
rw.push(1., 'b');

// you have 5 chances out of 6 to pop 'a'
let a_or_b = rw.pop();



a little implementation of a random-wheel.