[][src]Function rouille::log

pub fn log<W, F>(rq: &Request, output: W, f: F) -> Response where
    W: Write,
    F: FnOnce() -> Response

Adds a log entry to the given writer for each request.

Writes a line to the given "writer" after processing each request. Log line info has the format: "{%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%S%.6f} UTC - {METHOD} {URL} - {ELAPSED_TIME} - {RESP_SATUS}"

If you would like to customize the log output or functionality (such as integrating with the log crate, see rouille::log_custom)


use std::io;
use rouille::{Request, Response};

fn handle(request: &Request) -> Response {
    rouille::log(request, io::stdout(), || {
        Response::text("hello world")