[][src]Module rouille::cgi

Allows you to let an external process handle the request through CGI.

This module provides a trait named CgiRun which is implemented on std::process::Command. In order to dispatch a request, simply start building a Command object and call start_cgi on it.


use std::process::Command;
use rouille::cgi::CgiRun;
rouille::start_server("localhost:8080", move |request| {

About the Result returned by start_cgi

The start_cgi method returns a Result<Response, std::io::Error>. This object will contain an error if and only if there was a problem executing the command (for example if it fails to start, or starts then crashes, ...).

If the process returns an error 400 or an error 404 for example, then the result will contain Ok.

It is therefore appropriate to simply call .unwrap() on that result. Any panic will be turned into an error 500 and add an entry to the logs, which is probably what you want when your server is misconfigured.



Error that can happen when parsing the JSON input.