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Rust only Quantum Operation Quantum Operation - the quantum computing toolkit by HQS Quantum Simulations.


Traits defining the standard form of roqoqo backends.

Traits defining the standard functions for roqoqo devices.

Provides the functionality for post-processing the measurement output of the quantum computing programs.

Operations are the atomic instructions in any quantum program that can be represented by roqoqo.

Prelude to bring the most common roqoqo traits into scope.

Classical registers for roqoqo.


Represents a quantum circuit in roqoqo.

Iterator over roqoqo operations.


Represents a quantum program evaluating measurements based on a one or more free float parameters.

Errors that can occur in roqoqo backends.

Errors that can occur in roqoqo.


roqoqo version information, used for roqoqo import/export checks


Trait for returning Vectors based on Range structs usually used for Index<> trait and slice access.