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RoosterTeeth-rs is a rust wrapper for the RoosterTeeth VOD api. All requests are done through the requests object.

There are usually optional parameters to restrict to a certain channel or to change how it is sorted. In the following example, we grab the first page of episodes, with no restrictions and default sorting.

use roosterteeth_rs::requests::{Requests, Credential};

let requests = Requests::new(Credential::Anonymous);

let episodes = requests.list_episodes(1, None, None);


All of the returned values are documented in the following page as structs:

Please note the difference between an Episode and a Video struct. An episode struct returns all the information about that episode, while a video struct is useful mainly for getting the m3u8 urls and will fail if you don't have permissions to watch the video. (For example, if you aren't a first member or the video isn't public.)