[][src]Struct romad::client::RomadClient

pub struct RomadClient { /* fields omitted */ }


impl RomadClient[src]

pub fn new(
    address: &'static str,
    port: &'static str,
    token: Option<&'static str>
) -> Result<RomadClient, RomadClientError>


pub fn from_connection(
    connection: Connection<'_>
) -> Result<RomadClient, RomadClientError>

Create client from a connection object

pub fn get_base_url(&self) -> &String[src]

Get base url

pub fn get_client(&self) -> &Client[src]

Get the http client for then object

pub async fn list_jobs<'_, '_, '_>(
    &'_ mut self,
    prefix: Option<&'_ String>,
    namespace: Option<&'_ String>
) -> Result<Vec<Job>, RomadClientError>

Method calls the List Jobs endpoint TODO: Implement prefix and namespace filter

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