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Wrapper of Sokol libraries

Features (specified in Cargo.toml)

Example settings:

rokol = { features = ["sdl", "impl-gfx", "glcore33", "fontstash"] }
  • impl-app: implements sokol_app.h and enables app module
  • sdl2: generates glue code for sdl2
  • impl-gfx: implements sokol_gfx.h and enables gfx module
    • glcore33: uses OpenGL backend
    • metal: uses Metal backend
    • d3d11: uses DirectX11 backend
  • fontstash: implements fontstash.h and enables fons module



pub use rokol_ffi as ffi;


Application (FFI)

FontStash integration for Rokol (rokol::gfx)

Graphics (FFI)

Glue code for using sokol_gfx.h on each platform