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Base errors that are possible

Provides const methods to create the USB HID control packets Utils for writing to the AniMe USB device


Iteractor helper for iterating over all the actions in Sequences

The minimal serializable data that can be transferred over wire types. Other data structures in rog_anime will convert to this.

Mostly intended to be used with ASUS gifs, but can be used for other purposes (like images)

A gif animation. This is a collection of frames from the gif, and a duration that the animation should be shown for.

Helper structure for writing images.

Container of Led, each of which specifies a position within the image The main use of this is to position and sample colours for the final image to show on AniMe

Fancy brightness control: fade in/out, show at brightness for n time

A single LED position and brightness. The intention of this struct is to be used to sample an image and set the LED brightness.

An optimised precomputed set of actions that the user can cycle through

A 2-dimensional vector.


All the possible AniMe actions that can be used. The enum is intended to be used in a array allowing the user to cycle through a series of actions.

All the possible AniMe actions that can be used. This enum is intended to be a helper for loading up ActionData.

Defines the time or animation cycle count to use for a gif


The length of usable data

Data starts at first index which means that when mapping this data to the final USB packet it must start from index 8, not 7.



This runs the animations as a blocking loop by using the callback to write data

Type Definitions

The two packets to be written to USB