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This projects serves to enable automatic rendering of openapi.json files, and provides facilities to also serve the documentation alongside your api.


First, add the following lines to your Cargo.toml

rocket_okapi = "0.5"
schemars = "0.8"
okapi = { version = "0.5", features = ["derive_json_schema"] }

To add documentation to a set of endpoints, a couple of steps are required. The request and response types of the endpoint must implement JsonSchema. Secondly, the function must be marked with #[openapi]. After that, you can simply replace routes! with routes_with_openapi!. This will append an additional route to the resulting Vec<Route>, which contains the openapi.json file that is required by swagger. Now that we have the json file that we need, we can serve the swagger web interface at another endpoint, and we should be able to load the example in the browser!


use rocket::get;
use rocket::serde::json::Json;
use rocket_okapi::{openapi, routes_with_openapi, JsonSchema};
use rocket_okapi::swagger_ui::{make_swagger_ui, SwaggerUIConfig};

#[derive(serde::Serialize, JsonSchema)]
struct Response {
    reply: String,

fn my_controller() -> Json<Response> {
    Json(Response {
        reply: "show me the docs!".to_string(),

fn get_docs() -> SwaggerUIConfig {
    use rocket_okapi::swagger_ui::UrlObject;

    SwaggerUIConfig {
        url: "/my_resource/openapi.json".to_string(),
        urls: vec![UrlObject::new("My Resource", "/v1/company/openapi.json")],

fn main() {
        .mount("/my_resource", routes_with_openapi![my_controller])
        .mount("/swagger", make_swagger_ui(&get_docs()))


Contains the Generator struct, which you can use to manually control the way a struct is represented in the documentation.

Contains several Rocket Handlers, which are used for serving the json files and the swagger interface.

This module contains several traits that correspond to the Rocket traits pertaining to request guards and responses

Contains the trait OpenApiResponder, meaning that a response implementing this trait can be documented.

Contains then OpenApiSettings struct, which can be used to customise the behaviour of a Generator.

Contains the functions and structs required to display the swagger web ui.

Assorted function that are used throughout the application.


A replacement macro for rocket::routes. The key differences are that this macro will add an additional element to the resulting Vec<rocket::Route>, which serves a static file called openapi.json. This file can then be used to display the routes in the swagger ui.


The error type returned by rocket_okapi when something fails.

Contains information about an endpoint.


A type which can be described as a JSON Schema document.

Type Definitions

Type alias for Result<T, OpenApiError>.

Attribute Macros

A proc macro to be used in tandem with one of Rocket’s endpoint macros. It requires that all of the arguments of the route implement one of the traits in rocket_okapi::request, and that the return type implements OpenApiResponder.

Derive Macros