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This crate contains officially sanctioned contributor libraries that provide functionality commonly used by Rocket applications.

These libraries are always kept in-sync with the core Rocket library. They provide common, but not fundamental, abstractions to be used by Rocket applications. In particular, contributor libraries typically export types that implement the FromRequest trait, Responder trait, or both.

Each module in this library is held behind a feature flag, with the most common modules exposed by default. The present feature list is below, with an asterisk next to the features that are enabled by default:

The recommend way to include features from this crate via Cargo in your project is by adding a [dependencies.rocket_contrib] section to your Cargo.toml file, setting default-features to false, and specifying features manually. For example, to use the JSON module, you would add:

version = "*"
default-features = false
features = ["json"]

This crate is expected to grow with time, bringing in outside crates to be officially supported by Rocket.



A nice little macro to create simple HashMaps. Really convenient for returning ad-hoc JSON messages.



The JSON type, which implements FromData and Responder. This type allows you to trivially consume and respond with JSON in your Rocket application.