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rncryptor-rs is a pure Rust implementation of the RNCryptor file format by Rob Napier. It currently supports Version 3 and aims to be written with a clean, easy to use API which matches the abstract pseudocode found in the spec.

Simple Usage

It's likely you want to dive straight into how to use the library for encryption and decryption of data, which can be done easily with the two functions encrypt and decrypt. Note that these are not streaming functions and will try to load the entire content to encrypt/decrypt into memory, which might not be what you want. Streaming functions are in the works (PRs welcome!)

To encrypt something, simply call encrypt:

extern crate rncryptor;
use rncryptor::v3;

let result = v3::encrypt("password", "secret".to_owned());

Decrypting is easy as well:

extern crate rncryptor;
use rncryptor::v3;

let encrypted = ... // A `Message` as encrypted by "encrypt".
let plain_text = v3::decrypt("password", &encrypted));

Advanced Usage

Sometimes you might want to have more control over the encryption/decryption process, and that's where the Encryptor and Decryptor data structures come into play, as they allow to fine-tune things like the Salt, the IV and encrypt either by using the "password-based" API or the "key-based" API (check the Specs for more details).

extern crate rncryptor;

use rncryptor::v3::encryptor::Encryptor;
use rustc_serialize::hex::FromHex;
use rncryptor::v3::types::*;

let encryption_salt = Salt("0203040506070001".from_hex().unwrap());
let hmac_salt = Salt("0304050607080102".from_hex().unwrap());
let iv = IV::from("0405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f00010203".from_hex().unwrap());
let plain_text = (0..).take(1_000_000).collect::<Vec<_>>();
let e = Encryptor::from_password("thepassword", encryption_salt, hmac_salt, iv);
match e {
    Err(_)  => panic!("bench_encryption init failed."),
    Ok(enc) => enc.encrypt(&plain_text),