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The RISC Zero zkVM is a RISC-V virtual machine that produces zero-knowledge proofs of code it executes. By using the zkVM, a cryptographic receipt is produced which anyone can verify was produced by the zkVM’s guest code. No additional information about the code execution (such as, for example, the inputs provided) is revealed by publishing the receipt.

In addition to our reference documentation on, we have additional (non-reference) resources for using our zkVM that you may also find helpful, especially if you’re new to the RISC Zero zkVM. These include:


pub use crate::prove::Prover;
pub use crate::prove::ProverOpts;
pub use crate::receipt::Receipt;


The RISC Zero ZKVM’s guest-side RISC-V API.
Run the zkVM guest and prove its results
Manages the output and cryptographic data for a proven computation
Serialization and deserialization tools for the RISC Zero zkVM
SHA-256 hashing services


Used for defining a main entrypoint.




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