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RISC Zero’s core Zero Knowledge Proof components for Rust.

These are the core algorithms that prove and verify the execution of RISC Zero’s RISC-V circuit. This includes utilities such as core::sha (which allows faster SHA-256 hashing than a naive RISC-V implementation). It is these latter utilities that are more commonly used directly from this crate: Developers looking to construct (or verify) a zero-knowledge proof with RISC Zero are advised to use the risc0_zkvm crate instead.


Interface between the circuit and prover/verifier
Core module used to implement a zk-STARK prover and verifier.
Defines field extension (and base fields) used for finite field-based operations across the RISC Zero zkVM architecture
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for accelerating the ZKP system.
Cryptographic algorithms for producing a ZK proof of compute
Cryptographic algorithms for verifying a ZK proof of compute


Inverse of Reed-Solomon Expansion Rate
50 FRI queries gives ~100 bits of conjectured security