[][src]Trait ringbahn::Event

pub trait Event: Unpin {
    unsafe fn prepare(&mut self, sqe: &mut SubmissionQueueEvent);
fn cancellation(this: &mut ManuallyDrop<Self>) -> Cancellation; fn is_eager(&self) -> bool { ... } }

An IO event that can be scheduled on an io-uring driver.

Required methods

unsafe fn prepare(&mut self, sqe: &mut SubmissionQueueEvent)

Prepare an event to be submitted using this SQE


This is an unsafe trait method. It's important to understand that in the case of unsafe trait methods, the implementer is given extra guarantees - it is the caller that is "unsafe," not the implementer. However, any unsafe operations that are performed inside the implementation must be sound only in the presence of those additional guarantees and guarantees the implementer can provide; the implementer cannot assume additional guarantees beyond those specified here.

Specifically, when this method is called, these additional guarantees are made:

No portion of the program will read from or write to this event, or any fields it holds exclusive, private ownership of, until after the event submitted with this SQE has been completed by the kernel. Therefore, if any owned data is shared with the kernel using this SQE, the kernel can be thought of as having "exclusive" ownership oer that data.

fn cancellation(this: &mut ManuallyDrop<Self>) -> Cancellation

Return the cancellation callback for this event.

If this event is cancelled, this callback will be stored with the completion to called when the IO event completes. This way, any managed resources passed to the kernel (like buffers) can be cleaned up once the kernel no longer needs them.

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Provided methods

fn is_eager(&self) -> bool

Hint if this event is eager.

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impl<'a, T: AsRawFd + Unpin> Event for Read<'a, T>[src]

impl<'a, T: AsRawFd + Unpin> Event for Write<'a, T>[src]

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