Function ring::pbkdf2::verify

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pub fn verify(
    algorithm: Algorithm,
    iterations: NonZeroU32,
    salt: &[u8],
    secret: &[u8],
    previously_derived: &[u8]
) -> Result<(), Unspecified>
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Verifies that a previously-derived (e.g., using derive) PBKDF2 value matches the PBKDF2 value derived from the other inputs.

The comparison is done in constant time to prevent timing attacks. The comparison will fail if previously_derived is empty (has a length of zero).

ParameterRFC 2898 Section 5.2 Term
digest_algPRF (HMAC with the given digest algorithm).
iterationsc (iteration count)
saltS (salt)
secretP (password)
previously_deriveddk (derived key)
previously_derived.len()dkLen (derived key length)


verify panics if out.len() is larger than (2**32 - 1) * the digest algorithm’s output length, per the PBKDF2 specification.