Crate rhymuproc[][src]

This crate provides several free functions for managing other processes running in the host operating system:

  • list_processes – poll the operating system for a list of the current running processes, along with paths to the primary image (executable file) of each process and the set of TCP server ports currently bound by each process
  • start_detached – start a new process that inherits no file handles and operates in its own session
  • kill – terminate another process



This holds information about one running process managed by the operating system.



Terminate the process with the given pid (process identifier).


Poll the operating system to return information about all currently running processes.


Start a new process that inherits no file handles and runs in an independent session. The caller provides the path of the primary executable to run in the new process, as well as any args (arguments) to provide the new process on its command line.