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This crate allows you to easily communicate with a running version 0.13.x node using typed safe rust via the node’s grpc and http modules.

// example of a grpc propose and getting a block via hash
// example of a grpc propose and getting a block via hash
use rhoast_client_v03::grpc::Grpc;
use rhoast_client_v03::proto::casper::BlocksQueryByHeight;

 let grpc=Grpc::new("endpoint");
 let propose = grpc.propose(true).await.unwrap();

//for grpc stream actions like visualize_dag_util_stream, show_main_chain_util_stream, show_blocks_util_stream,
// get_blocks_by_height_util_stream  pass in a function that takes in the returned value of the stream
// as well as how many stream events should be listned to, passing in None as the number of optional stream event
// would make the grpc listen forever

let block_query=BlocksQueryByHeight{
    start_block_number: 1,
    end_block_number: 40
fn write_stream_to_file(input: &BlockInfoResponse){
//write input to file
grpc.get_blocks_by_height_util_stream(block_query, write_stream_to_file, Some(40)).await.unwrap();