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  • The BufReader<R> struct adds buffering to any reader.
  • a not precise date, only valid in the context of the local set of log files. It’s implicitely in the timezone of the log files (assuming all the files have the same one). As nginx didn’t exist before JC, a u16 is good enough for the year.
  • An object providing access to an open file on the filesystem.
  • A non empty group of lines, with a common characteristic, for stats
  • A line in the access log, describing a hit.
  • A filter for HTTP methods
  • A slice of a path (akin to str).
  • A filter for status, allowing classes, ranges and exclusions Examples: 4xx 4xx,503 402-417,503 4xx,!404
  • a filter for strings




  • A BufRead is a type of Reader which has an internal buffer, allowing it to perform extra ways of reading.
  • A trait for structs which hold the index of a date FIXME this thing is ridiculous, I need somebody knowing rust to fix it
  • Parse a value from a string
  • The Read trait allows for reading bytes from a source.