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Library provides three main procedures:

1. PSBT-based state transition construction.

Given PSBT-originating set of outpoints the procedure creates all required state transitions for all contracts, adding necessary information to PSBT for constructing bundles and tapret proofs. The actual state transitions are saved into the stash even before witness transactions are mined. They may be also put into PSBT, if needed for the hardware signers.

2. PSBT-based finalization.

Procedure takes PSBT with all information for constructing transition bundles and taprets and a) generates final tapret commitment; b) creates consignment for the main transfer.

3. Descriptor-based contract state.

Checks descriptor UTXO set and updates contract, removing outdated outputs. For instance, after consignment creation, a new state transition is already present in the contract state, even before the witness transaction is mined. Descriptor filtering of the contract state will show a valid result, since a new state without mined witness will not be displayed. Once the witness gets mined, a new state appears, and previous state gets invalidated since it no longer assigned to an unspent transaction output.



  • Managing RGB-related proprietary keys inside PSBT.